Who We Are

Chins Up was founded by two United States Marine Corps vets who are honored in playing a part in this great experiment that is America. It was an idea devised in Kegs Bar of Winsted, Minnesota in 2015 as a result of the always offended culture in America. Now that the hangover is over, we are coming for you.

We provide a quality product with distinct messages and some with a touch of the politically incorrect, all while maintaining pride in America. We want our shirts to be worn everywhere, not just in the comfort zone of those likeminded. This is America, be bold.

American Made

Our goal is to show appreciation and dedication to the American workforce. As a result, we strive to provide quality American made apparel. Sometimes American made resources are not always available in terms of affordability and product, so we will be very transparent of what is (look for the stamp) and what is not 100% American made. With that being said, all our clothing is 100% designed, printed and quality checked in this great nation of ours by us, sometimes with the use of child labor, don't worry they are the founders kids, they can handle it.